Sakai, an area of Osaka has had the long history of casting since 5th century.
From 14th century Katana for Samurai was naturally produced in Sakai by using the high level skill of casting.


First, Sakai has an excellent fishing ground, so the sharp and strong knife to cut fishes was developed for the professional people.

Secondo, since people of Osaka have been famous as “gourmet”, they needed high quality knives for cooking to make their clients surtisfied, which works for produce superior knives in Sakai.

JapanModa present Japanese knives of SAKAI-TOHJI that is built up in 1805 at Sakai supplying high quality knives also for professional cook.

Skilled artisan carves your name in Japanese character on the knife, which will became a special knife only for you.
It might be nice also for the gift of someone important.

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We’ll suggest you artisan’s idea within two business days.