TINTAUNITA is registered as trademark in Japan, maneged by a Japanese company: VitaNaturale co., Ltd. offering unique and original cosmetics for daily skin care.

The people of Oriental cultures have always respected and appreciated the benefits of natural resources, applying them not only in the medicine but also in the skincare routine.

We offer Japanese cosmetics and beauty tools of TINTAUNITA which is registered in 2008 in Japan.


The concept of TINTAUNITA is very clear and is based on the traditional oriental methods in producing natural cosmetics.

The researches carried out by laboratories in Japan are very high in level and bring brilliant results in the updating newest methods for the creation of more efficient skincare products.
Japanese people don’t want beauty surgery and they prefer use more time for skincare every day.
Our cosmetics are not only natural and safe, but are also very effective against stains, wrinkles and any other problems related to aging of skin.

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